The theatre minor requires a total of 15 credit-hours of coursework.

Coursework—Minor in Theatre

Course Title Credit Hours
Choose one foundational course: 3
THEA 2000 Appreciation of Dramatic Art—or—
THEA 2010H Appreciation of Dramatic Art (Honors Program)—or—
THEA 2010 Introduction to Acting
Theatre Electives. Select two of the following: 6
THEA 3020 Basic Dramatic Writing
THEA 3290 Script Analysis—or—
THEA 3291H Script Analysis (Honors Program)
THEA 3300 Introduction to Design
THEA 3700 Design for Film and Television
THEA 4210/6210 Theatre and Modernity
THEA 4220/6220 Theatre and Society
THEA 4230/6230 Theatre and Ritual
THEA 4280/6280 Women in Performance
THEA 4300/6300 Queer Theatre and Film
THEA 4400/6400 Asian Theatre and Drama
THEA (AFAM) 4460/6460 History of Dramatic Art: Special Topics (Study Abroad)
THEA (AFST) 4470/6470 African Theatre
THEA (AFAM) 4480/6480 History of African-American Drama and Theatre
THEA 4500/6500 The Broadway Musical and American Culture
THEA 4700/6700 Dramaturgy
THEA 4800/6800 Topics in History
THEA 5710S/7710S Community-Based Theatre
General Electives: 6
Two upper division (3000-5000 level) THEA courses.

Notes—Theatre Minor

  • THEA 2010 cannot be substituted for THEA 3500 if you declare Theatre as a major. THEA 3500 is required for Theatre majors but can be taken by non-majors if they have first taken THEA 2010. If a student has taken 2010 and wishes to take 3500, they should see the Student Support Coordinator for major override.
  • No course will count toward a minor unless it is earned with a grade of “C” or better. (A grade of “C-” does not satisfy this requirement.)
  • Transfer students may count no more than three hours of equivalent credit toward the minor.