The Tall Girls by Meg Miroshnik

The Tall Girls – Callback Sides

Revolt. She Said. Revolt Again. by Alice Birch

Revolt – Callback Sides

Equus by Peter Shaffer
Director: Ray Paolino, rpaolino@uga.edu
*Pages are from the Samuel French edition of the play Please familiarize yourselves with ALL the roles you are called back for. If you’re comfortable, I’d like you to try a British dialect for callbacks.

Dysart—41-42 (w/Frank), 35-37(w/Dora), 9-11 ( w/Hester), 57-59 (w/Allan), 49-51 (w/Allan)

Allan—57-59(w/Dysart), 80-82(w/Jill), 49-51(w/Dysart)

Hester–9-11 (w/Dysart)


Frank–41-42 (w/Dysart)

Jill–80-82 (w/Allan)