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Program of Study

Required Coursework

Course Title Credit Hours
THEA 6510 Introduction to Graduate Studies in Drama 1
THEA 8300 Seminar in Design for the Performance Arts 3
THEA 7300 MFA Thesis Project 3
THEA 7050 Applied Drama Laboratory 2
THEA 7060 Applied Drama Laboratory 2
THEA 7070 Applied Drama Laboratory 2
THEA 7080 Production Practicum—Assistant Designer 1
THEA 7315 Conventional Drafting 3
THEA 7340 History of Costume and Adornment 3
THEA 7341 History of Architecture and Décor  
THEA 7370 Design Studio I: Dramatic Drawing and Dry Media 3
THEA 7371 Design Studio II: Other Media 3
THEA 7560 Projects in Theatre 3
THEA 7970 Design Portfolio 1

Design Requirements

Students are required to take Design I (THEA 7330—Costume, THEA 7351—Scenic, or THEA 7352—Lighting), Design II (THEA 7730—Costume, THEA 7751—Scenic, or THEA 7752—Lighting), and Design III (THEA 7731—Costume, THEA 7753—Scenic, or THEA 7755—Lighting) in their principle design area; Design I and Design II in their secondary design area; and Design I in their third design area.

Applied Drama Requirements

1 hour of Applied Drama courses are to be taken every semester. THEA 7050 is to be taken during the first year, THEA 7060 during the second year, and THEA 7070 during the third year. Outside reviews/critiques (two per semester) will be assigned frough Applied Drama. Additional Applied Drama credit is earned under THEA 7080. One credit is required in the first year of study and is earned while fulfilling the role of an assistant designer for a departmental production. THEA 7080 may be repeated for up to 6 hours of credit and is reserved for special opportunities (examples include assisting; special seminar topics; additional production activities such as sound, scenic painting or media assignments; and remedial work or activities in special topics).

Theatre History Requirements

Students must complete a minimum of 6 credit hours in theatre history. The design area will allow a student to use any departmental history classes as well as any other design history classes related to their discipline (as approved by their advisor) to satisfy the departmental history requirement. In order to pursue this option, a student's transcripts (graduate or undergraduate) must demonstrate a miniumum grade of B in a traidional theatre history course (i.e., Theatre History I and II) for each class to be substituted by any alternate history courses.


In addition, 9 hours of graduate-level electives are required.

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