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Cast Lists - Fall 2022

22 Fall Casts

Torch Song Cast List

Thank you all for giving your time and talents on Saturday. It was so terrific to be back in an audition room with live actors!

First Rehearsal is this Monday night at 6:00PM in Room 115. Please be prompt (meaning arrive 10 minutes early) we have a lot to do. We will be signing contracts, reviewing production safety protocols, reading through the play and then having discussion on concept and challenges. Scripts will be available at rehearsal, or may be picked up from Clay.

ARNOLD       Collin Hendley

ED                 Maurice Chinnery

LAUREL        Di Quon

ALLEN           Jake Friedman

DAVID            Aayush Umesh

MA                 Fiona Thompson


Arnold            Jackson Riddle

Ed                  Jackson Riddle

Laurel            Jocelyn Floryance

Allen              Jackson Riddle

David             Jake Friedman

Ma                 Jocelyn Floryance


The Comedy of Errors Cast List

Egeon, merchant from Syracuse                                                     TBD

Solinus, Duke of Ephesus                                                               Ray Krpo

Antipholus of Syracuse, a traveler                                                Julian Borris

Dromio of Syracuse, servant of Antipholus of Syracuse                Meg Grey

First Merchant, a citizen of Ephesus                                               Ellie Bond

Antipholus of Ephesus, a citizen of Ephesus                                Ethan Carpenter

Dromio of Ephesus, servant of Antipholus of Ephesus                  Victoria Highsmith

Adriana, wife of Antipholus of Ephesus                                           Sofia Ruiz

Luciana, Adriana's sister                                                                 Bridget Blanchard

Luce, ("Nell"), kitchen maid betrothed to Dromio of Ephesus        Ray Wheeler

Messenger, servant to Antipholus of Ephesus                                Ellie Bond

Angelo,  an Ephesian goldsmith                                                      Andie Ellett

Second Merchant, a citizen of Ephesus                                         Myles Krachman

Balthasar, an Ephesian merchant                                                   Bianca Cardona

Courtesan,  hostess of Antipholus of Ephesus at dinner                Demi Lehman

Doctor Pinch, a schoolmaster, engaged as an exorcist                 Ray Wheeler

Officer (Jailer), Ephesian law officer                                              Temwa Tshibangu

Lady Abbess (Emilia), head of a priory in Ephesus                       Hailey Carter 

Thank you to everyone who auditioned. It was a very difficult decision and all of your auditions were excellent.  Thank you for taking the time to audition and to share your talent. I wish those who weren't cast the best in their future auditions.

For those who are cast: The Comedy of Errors will begin rehearsal on Monday, September 19 in room 352 at 6PM. I look forward to working with everyone and am very much looking forward to collaborating with you on this production.

Jeremiah Albers, Director                                           

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